X Forwarding in webtop

Today at work we had a lot of meetings as we’ve move from getting the release out the door to developing the new features. That usually means lots of design meetings. During one of them, my coworker showed me that he was able to X forward Firefox 12 from his dev desktop to his webtop (He has an Atrix with a bionic lapdock that has been modified to work with his Atrix). So I thought I’d play around with mine in this regard. I got Google Chrome 18 working, and I was suprised that it was just as snappy if not more so then the Firefox 8 browser included in our webtop 1.2. I also got eclipse working, and it was very usable.

It’s very simple to get X Forwarding to work with any linux system. ssh -XC ipAddress -p Port

once you’re logged in, you can go and fire up a few programs and background them by adding an & at the end.

$ firefox &
$ eclipse &

cake walk.

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