Mesa Verde


We took trip a few weeks ago to Mesa Verde, and it was a lot of fun! It was very relaxing to take a step back from technology for a few days, and see what our predecessors did for life. “We don’t give ourselves enough credit as a human race for what we can accomplish.” We’re looking back at 1200 AD people’s dwellings in the sides of cliffs. And here we are in 2013 with buildings 2700+ feet tall. I would love one day to go back and see what these dwellings looked like after they were finished building them.

IMG_5571 IMG_5775 IMG_5830 IMG_5843 IMG_5847 IMG_5855 IMG_5859 IMG_5862 IMG_5951 IMG_6016 IMG_6237

Disneyland 2013

Back in March we went to Disneyland with our girls, and it was a lot of fun! Lizzy got to meet her favorite character of all time. Tinkerbell. Before she got her turn, she started drawing Tinkerbell. She’d study Tinkerbell, then pen what she saw.. then she’d study Tinkerbell for a little more. It was very cute to see try and capture the moment on paper. From the drawing you can see Tinkerbell’s wing. We’re going to let my brother give her some drawing lessons soon so hopeful she’ll be a great artist one day!IMG_5352 IMG_5371

OpenWest was Great!

This last weekend was OpenWest open source conference. It was a lot of fun to attend and learn from some great people there teaching great things. I was impressed with how calm and well organized the event was. Everyone genuinely wanted to help others out. It was great to see how passionate some people were about the subjects they taught. My favorite talks of the conference came from Josh Broton. One of my favorite talks of his was Sticks Spit and Ducttape.  But Embrace Your Inner Designer was great too! Great conference! I really look forward to seeing the files Josh will put up that will go along with Sticks Spit and Ducttape.

Artic circle

Yesterday We went to Artic Circle, and had a lot of fun playing and eating. It’s one of Lizzy’s favorite places because of the play place. After wards we quickly left to pick up mommy from an expo she went to.