Attending OpenWest2014

I would have to say my favorite class this time around was Chrome Developer tools down and dirty. I learned a lot of new things that you can do with it. Network breakpoints. debugger; statement in code breaks on that line in the JS debugger. It was super useful! here’s a link to the slides for your own enjoyment.

Thanks Bret Little for putting that together. That was single highhandedly the best one hour I’ve spent at OpenWest.

Playing with Arduino

So it’s been quite a while since I last posted. I’ll have to do some followup posts to journal about what I’ve been up to. This one is about my new endeavors with Arduino. My friend has been wanting to automate his heating and cooling system for his home to give him complete control over each room. It’s looking like we’ll use the Arduino as the brains of the project, with an Ethernet port and eeprom to serve up pages. I’m looking forward to the data gathering and processing side of the project. With lm34 temperature sensors and using the ADC 10bit resolution on the ATMega328p this will be fun to figure out.

htop rocks


htop screenshot

This is a screenshot of htop

My coworker introduced me to htop today ( ). htop is like top, a command line tool to explore processes, but it’s much more cool. It’s got Mouse integration, Kill process menu, Bar graphs for the processors, memory and swap. It’s overall a slick console based app that works great over ssh too!

You can see in my screen shots (htop above, and top below) the differences between the two. I’m really liking htop now.

top screenshot

This is a screenshot of top

Getting the most out of busybox

On XDA I’ve posted a little bit about busybox and what subprograms are inside. Here’s the link:

I’ve found busybox’s vi, find and grep most useful when I’m poking around in a terminal on my Motorola Atrix. I hope this helps someone, I believe busybox can be installed stand alone from the market, and is included in some other applications. Once you have busybox installed, sym linking it’s apps to the /system/bin (or something else on the path) makes Android a little bit more like linux.

UTOS – Word Press

So another one of the Sessions at UTOSC that I went to, that I got my wife to come to too, was one on spicing up Word Press. I decided I’d start one up, I’ve also committed to myself to updating my blog once a day on something going on in my life, or something useful that I’ve done. So I’m going to create categories for posts to go under that match each of my endeavors in life. I think I’ll start off with Open Source, Motorola Atrix Hacking, Life and Kids, and Work. So I hope this endeavor goes well!

UTOS – openWRT

So Thursday I attended UTOSC’s session on openWRT. Mike Lovell really motivated me to try and put openWRT on a wifi router. So I had be given an Netgear wnr2000 from my physics friend Tim. It has 4MB flash and 32 MB ram and a wireless N 2.4GHz Radio. So Friday night I set out to get it all flashed and working. To my surprise it was releatively easy to get openWRT install. I got ssh working, and the wifi setup. I’m excited to have it as an always on ssh server. It only draws 12 Watts. Not bad for a computer.