It’s been a while

So I’m sorry it’s been a while since the last time I posted. I copied all my good pictures since then to my laptop, and I’m posting from my phone dock so I don’t have any of those pictures.

A few notable things: The flashlight is still on my swamp cooler. I mowed the law. Pulled a bunch of weeds in the front yard by the fence. Unlocked the bootloader of my phone and flashed a new kernel. With the new kernel on my phone I enabled zram (virtual swap), and a small portion of swap on my phones internal flash (293MB). Watched Thor and Captain America, great movies! Applied for several new jobs. Got a offer for one. Took the offer and I start in several days.

There are other things that I’ve done that I’ll need to post about in more detail. That’s just a small list. The big time consumer was the job hunt. Hopefully now we’ll be able to pay our bills and get out of debt. I’ll miss my last job, and the friends I’ve made. I’ve committed to keep hanging out with you all. I’ve learned and grown so much from all of you. I’m sorry I have to bow out before we really got successful, but we just can’t afford it any more. I still don’t know if we’ll have enough to buy new tires and pay for our car registration this month. I pray and wish you all the best.