Long Day Behind

It’s been one of those long days. It started off a little too early with baby waking up at 6am. But Things went well after that. There were a few meetings at work, I ran one of them. I was pretty nervous; the meeting went pretty well. For lunch I took back the Rototiller I was borrowing from my parents, and helped get our two little ones to sleep. It’s been a fun day, but long. Our little toddler is sick with a bug, and hasn’t been feeling well all weekend. I hope she gets over it soon.

Snow Ball Fight

At My wife’s mom’s house she has a plant that’s know as the Snow Ball plant. The flowers look a lot like Snow balls, We had a lot of fun throwing the Snow Balls at eachther. Our little girl got pretty good at throwing them. I think we’ve decided to have one of those plants in our yards now.

Box Gardens

I’ve finished putting together our garden boxes! They are 4 feet x 4 feet, made from left over 6 inch x 6 inch x 4 feet pressure treated beams. Not perfectly level, but it’ll get the job done.

I’m very excited to see these boxes work. One of our neighbors highly recommended the box garden approach as outlined in the book, Square Foot Garden, ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Square_foot_gardening ). We’ve been working really hard to deweed, and tarp the ground underneath to get these boxes ready and in place. This garden is coming together nicely. It’s our first real garden, since this is our first house. I’m really excited to start growing melons and tomatoes and grapes, oh my.


So today we worked a lot in our garden. I was putting together our garden boxes, and my wife was gathering in some plants in our garden that are ready to eat. We have two types of lettuces, some spinach, and radishes!  The radishes are very sweet, but super spicy. I almost couldn’t eat them they were so spicy

We had to wash and dry the lettuce leafs. That took a long time. Very manual process. I think our next purchase is going to be a lettuce tosser to make that job a little easier by spinning off the water. That will hopefully speed up the process.

Though our garden has a lot of weeds and rocks in it, it’s coming a long nicely. Once I finish our second garden box, I’m going to post pictures of them, and talk about why Square foot gardening is easier to maintain and do over row gardening. I’m looking forward to getting our 4 foot by 4 foot boxes finished.

Chuck E Cheese

Tonight we went to Chuck E Cheese ( http://www.chuckecheese.com/ ). Our baby girl had so much fun! She ran to all the kid motion toys, she handed us the ball in Skee-ball. Though she was too short to climb up the normal way on the play set, she figured out how to climb up the slide, and then spent 20 minutes up on the play set hanging out. She was so tired she fell asleep on the way home. We had a lot of fun as a family. I look forward to many more trips to Chuck E Cheese.


Game of Innovation


So tonight we’re playing Innovation. It’s a pretty complex game for being a card game but it’s fun! An average game lasts about 45 minutes if you know what you’re doing. The real fun comes from the different card effects called Dogma. Some cards are very powerful and highly sought after. We bought the game recently for my brother’s graduation. and have played it twice now. It was a very good purchase!