Finished Garden Boxes

After much work on mixing the dirt and moving the dirt to the garden boxes, they are now finished! My wife and Lizzy finished planting them while I worked on getting our secondary water accessible. We have a good sprinkler system in our yard, however some of the lines are broken because of the water main and sewer line work we had done before we bought the house. So we’ve been having to use culinary water to water our lawn and garden, and  that just got way too expensive. So we shelled our a little, and some time to put in a spigot on our secondary water line. I’ll need to buy a box to berry it with. I’ll do that when we have another $16 to spare. Otherwise it’s completely functional and we’re getting a lot of good use out of it now!

Making dirt

These are our girls in the cart helping us make some dirt to use in our garden boxes. Lizzy was trying to be a big help in mixing the different components to the dirt, vermiculite, peat moss, Mushroom compost, and some puffed shell. It was a lot of fun, and expensive. But it should last us a while, and be enough for more then just the two boxes. We’re really looking forward to planting in our boxes tomorrow.

Artic circle

Yesterday We went to Artic Circle, and had a lot of fun playing and eating. It’s one of Lizzy’s favorite places because of the play place. After wards we quickly left to pick up mommy from an expo she went to.

Pig Tails

Lizzy Had pig tails yesterday! It was very cute. Though she made it very hard to take a picture of her. I took like 10, and only 2 turned out not blurry. The pig tails didn’t last long though, they came out just before we got out the door. I’m very excited to see lizzy’s hair is getting long, and we can start to do fun things with it. She saw her self in the mirror and said pretty. It was cute. She was also helping mom make dinner. She has become so helpful lately. And very sensitive. She tries so hard to make us happy by doing what’s right, and helping out.

Best Friends

So we went to Costco today to pick up my wife’s new pair of glasses. While my wife was trying on her glasses, I noticed that Our Lizzy had her arm around Leah while they were sitting in the shopping cart. It was the cutest thing I’ve seen Lizzy do on her own. Lizzy loves playing with Leah. Her absolute favorite thing to do is get her to laugh. I’m glad they’re best friends.

Frozen Dinners

My wife and her mom were cooking a lot yesterday. They made 35 Bags of spaghetti sauce to freeze and a whole bag of Costco frozen chicken tenders. It was so much cooking that they made me get the swamp cooler running for the season; which was a fun adventure in and of itself. It’s kinda fun looking out over the other houses from the roof. That aside, I’m looking forward to the spaghetti sauce, the last time they did the freezer meal cook-athon the spaghetti sauce was one of my favorites.

Long Day Behind

It’s been one of those long days. It started off a little too early with baby waking up at 6am. But Things went well after that. There were a few meetings at work, I ran one of them. I was pretty nervous; the meeting went pretty well. For lunch I took back the Rototiller I was borrowing from my parents, and helped get our two little ones to sleep. It’s been a fun day, but long. Our little toddler is sick with a bug, and hasn’t been feeling well all weekend. I hope she gets over it soon.

Snow Ball Fight

At My wife’s mom’s house she has a plant that’s know as the Snow Ball plant. The flowers look a lot like Snow balls, We had a lot of fun throwing the Snow Balls at eachther. Our little girl got pretty good at throwing them. I think we’ve decided to have one of those plants in our yards now.

Box Gardens

I’ve finished putting together our garden boxes! They are 4 feet x 4 feet, made from left over 6 inch x 6 inch x 4 feet pressure treated beams. Not perfectly level, but it’ll get the job done.

I’m very excited to see these boxes work. One of our neighbors highly recommended the box garden approach as outlined in the book, Square Foot Garden, ( ). We’ve been working really hard to deweed, and tarp the ground underneath to get these boxes ready and in place. This garden is coming together nicely. It’s our first real garden, since this is our first house. I’m really excited to start growing melons and tomatoes and grapes, oh my.